Monday, August 08, 2005

God, I love this blog!

Not much to add, except it's one more miracle brought to me by the Internet! Lemme' hear a "Hallelujah!"

Seriously, man, I just love that I have place to throw out ideas as I see fit, to try to pour the most interesting parts of myself out there into the world. Obviously, there are areas I don't go into, but by and large my passions are on the screen for all to see. I've been without evening Internet access these last couple of weeks so my posting has tended to be of a less personal nature. (I can't compose a personal entry at work, that just doesn', for me.)

Perhaps as aspects of my personal life become clearer I'll be more inclined to post about them. Perhaps.

I'm also thinking seriously of starting a spinoff blog for my film reviews. That way, others who love film as I do will have a place to go see my (hopefully interesting) take on various films without having to dig through this blog to find them. I think I have excellent taste and a unique background, having studied film extensively (with the late Gerald Mast, author of numerous standard texts on film history) and having also worked in the film industry in the late Eighties/early Nineties, in L.A., New York, and Prague.

At any rate, even if absolutely no one wants to read them, at least I'll have a place to put all my reviews and an extra, public motivation to keep doing them...


fk said...

peaveloce - i love this blog too.
(i might be biased since i like you so much but i dont think so)

i also think you have excellent taste.
i can't tell you how many things you've referred me to that i've enjoyed immensely and that i've shown to other people and they've also enjoyed them. people think i am somewhat hip and interesting now, and it's all because of you.

sometimes i worry that the lack of comments might cause you to think people arent getting a lot out of this and you might stop writing it so i am glad to see this isnt the case.

"here's to travis bickle and here's to johnny boy, doing the things that we want to." And here's to Gerald Mast, who i was also fortunate to have taken a class with.


PeaceLove said...

Ahhh...Kafka. Thanks for the kind words, Bro. How did you like Mast's class?

fk said...

I took Mast's film and narrative class and I liked it a lot. I took it pass fail because I was in grad school and he said the requirements would be less if we took it pass/fail instead of for a grade and I was only taking it for fun.

I got a lot out of his class. I don't think I fully appreciated Citizen Kane until he discussed it.

I wrote a paper on memory in Leone and specifically in "once upon a time in america." Although everyone else I spoke to who took the class P/F got a P on their paper, he gave me a B (which translated to a P anyway.) I guess I did a bit more than the minimum most of the others did to get their P. Still, I thought his comments on my paper were way more thoughtful than my actual paper was.

And that's my Gerald Mast experience. When I look back on all the classes I put more effort into at the time, Mast's thoughts on "films that attempt the most" stay with me a lot more than a great deal of the other stuff.

PeaceLove said...

Thanks for sharing! From Mast, I learned to watch framing and movement. One of his favorite expressions was, "Notice how he INVADES her space." Everything was about what was happening in the frame, the choices made by the director.

I was thinking about this last night watching the second Lord of the Rings film. Peter Jackson has a genius for finding the "meat" of a scene by careful framing and shot selection. He knows how to go in close and intimate but he also is a master at going wide and epic.