Thursday, September 29, 2005

UPDATED: New Comedy: The Shining

UPDATE: The new Harvey Danger CD I discuss below is fantastic; I urge you to go download it for free as soon as you're done reading this post. I've now listened to it five or six times and it reveals new pleasures with each listen -- while older pleasures gain in power and welcome.

It's cranked up on the headphones even as I write this.


Via Screenhead (and many others), here's the trailer for that heartwarming and wacky new comedy from Stanley Kubrick, The Shining.

Okay, for fans of The Shining, this is no kidding the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

And, as a bonus to my readers (and via BoingBoing), Seattle's Harvey Danger have put their entire new album Little by Little online for free download. I don't know much about the group, but I consider myself a fan just on the basis of their megahit song Flagpole Sitta', with it's punchy beat and bitingly intelligent lyrics:

been around the world and found
that only stupid people are breeding
the cretins cloning and feeding
and i don't even own a tv

paranoia paranoia
everybody's coming to get me
just say you never met me
i'm going underground with the moles

hear the voices in my head
i swear to god it sounds like they're snoring
but if you're bored then you're boring
the agony and the irony, they're killing me

Delicious! Little by Little is playing on the computer even as I type this, and it's a beauty. I have crappy little speakers here, but every song so far has been a winner; I look forward to getting this onto the iPod for a serious listen. Or two. Or ten.

Incidentally, if you like the album, Harvey Danger would like you to know that they'd appreciate if you would support them by buying it.

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