Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jason Latimer on Craig Ferguson

Yes, it's Link Week here at PeaceLove's Musings. Thanks to Pagliacci, here's Jason Latimer doing his clear Cups and Balls routine on Craig Ferguson's show. I had heard about this routine but it's nice to finally see it; it's a whole new approach to an old classic. Beautiful!

(And he's only twenty-three, grrrr...)

Kudos to Ferguson for giving this talented magician a spot. Late-night talk shows, once a prime venue for magicians, have become harder and harder to crack. Johnny Carson was an amateur magician himself so he featured a variety of top pros over the years, including Michael Skinner, Michael Ammar, and Lance Burton. When Leno took over, the magic came to an end (I once heard that neither he nor his booker likes magicians).

Thanks to the Web, some of the top magicians in the world, even ones who never perform in the U.S., can now be seen online. But it's still great to see an up -and-comer like Latimer get his shot on network TV. Check it out and see why he was named the "Grand Prix World Champion of Magic" at the 2003 FISM competition.


TT said...

Dazzling and sexy.

PeaceLove said...

That too!