Thursday, April 19, 2007

Did You Know? - Another Mind-Blowing Video

Did You Know? is essentially a bunch of factoids and statistics set to music. But the picture it paints of the tectonic shifts in our culture and society is pretty mind-blowing. Some of the concepts, such as the fact that the 25% of China's population with the highest IQ is more numerous than the entire population of the United States, certainly calls America's future primacy into question. Others, like the estimate that by 2023 a $1000 laptop will be more powerful than the human brain, and by 2049 more powerful than the entire human race, are so outside of any conceptual framework I can imagine that I can only drape my jaw on the ground and wonder.

The age of YouTube brings astounding visions daily. Someone else took Did You Know and made a slightly modified version with a somewhat different focus. Did You Know II concludes with a look at the massive new content creation happening among the young -- blogs, wikis, MySpace, and the like.

I recommend you check out both.

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