Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apple Death Watch: Ten Years Later

Fake Steve Jobs has a post up reminding everyone of the above Wired cover story from June, 1997. I remember reading it at the time with a tremendous sense of loss; although I was not the passionate Apple fan I am today, I still knew in my gut that something important would be lost if Apple went under. The "101 Ways to Save Apple" are mostly completely off-base, except for #50: Give Steve Jobs as much authority as he wants in new product development.

The last decade has been one mind-boggling breakthrough after another, thanks largely to Jobs' uncompromising vision. Of course, now there's another problem to deal with...

TOTH to FSJ, Photo: Bernd Hammer, Lair & Garden.

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Scott Ocheltree said...

another Mac-User/Magic buff. I read FSJ daily, and I too remember that Wired article, funny how times change - also funny, how many suggestions in the article came to be.