Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An Idea for Hillary and Obama

I think Obama will be our next President, or else our next Vice President. You heard it here first. (Unless someone else has said it before me.)

I have an idea both he and Hillary can use to generate even more momentum, more cash, all while setting a moral example for all other candidates and for the nation.

Hillary was on Letterman tonight, and they were talking about the enormous amount of money she and all her colleagues were spending on their campaigns. Letterman said, "To think some of that money could have gone to feed poor people."

There's the idea. I think both Hillary and Obama should become an example, a Christian example, if you like, by pledging to donate 10% of their total donations to help feed the poor and homeless. How much do you want to bet that their total take goes up by more than 10%? Hell, that might even inspire me to donate to one or both of them.

Maybe it should be 30%? Just how generous and giving are the American people, anyway?

Whichever candidate would have the courage to do something so obviously wonderful -- that's the one who deserves your vote.

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