Friday, July 04, 2008

Letter to Xeni

Hi Xeni,

I'm a big fan and I've read the entire comment thread -- over 1400 comments at the time of this writing, from beginning to end. First of all, I want you to know I'm so sorry for the way this whole thing has slapped you in such a public way. Whatever your transgression -- and I'm in the camp that thinks it should have been obvious that "upublishing" a huge batch of posts without saying anything is a pretty big one -- not many BB fans in that comment thread wish you any of the pain you must be experiencing.

So keep the faith. We love you all and we love the blog. We just want to hear from BoingBoing that we can still trust you.



Zima said...

Why are don`t write anymore? Your blog is very interesting for me. Please, don`t stop! :)

PeaceLove said...

Thanks! Much appreciated. I'll try to keep posting new exciting stuff!