Thursday, July 21, 2005

Art of Science

Princeton has announced the winners of the First Annual* Art of Science Competition. From the site:

This spring we asked the Princeton University community to submit imagery produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science....

The resulting assembly of images presents a fascinating and beautiful cross section of the arts and sciences at Princeton. It celebrates the aesthetics of research and the ways in which science and art inform each other.

The image above didn't win, but it's my personal favorite (probably due to my longstanding love of Kandinsky and the Constructivists). It's called Dynamic Asset Allocation in Freight Transportation, and it's modeled from a PhD dissertation relating to "stochastic, integer multicommodity flow problems" (there'll be a quiz on this later). Fallopian (below), which depicts its namesake as seen from a uterus, is also quite stunning.

Check out the whole gallery here.


* I had an English teacher in high school who hated the term "First Annual." "How can the first of anything be 'annual?'" she would ask. You can PLAN for it to be annual, but it won't be 'annual' until at least the second time it happens." Well, I guess Princeton disagrees with her.

Was I misinformed, all those years ago?

(Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.)

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