Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Funny Bitter Bush Jokes

McSweeneys has a fabulous article by Matt Alexander called, ALTHOUGH I LIKE A GOOD GEORGE W. BUSH JOKE AS MUCH AS THE NEXT GUY, SOME OF THEM SEEM GRATUITOUS AND MEAN-SPIRITED. Some of the highlights:

A doctor, a lawyer, and an accountant all die and go to heaven on the same day. When they get to the Pearly Gates, they are greeted by St. Peter. St. Peter says, "Scott McClellan is a lying sack of shit and I'd tell him so myself if he weren't going straight to hell when he dies."

Did you hear that Bill Clinton hired a new intern? It turns out that his old intern had to go home and spend time with her family after her brother was killed in Iraq.



jb said...

no place logical to post this, but I didn't even place. 9 acts, 3 trophies, and some schlocky lyrical parody wins. People don't appreciate magic, I'm bitter for the time being.

Josh Logan said...

Dave Eggers kicks ass. That second joke kicked ass!