Monday, November 28, 2005

The Colored Bubble Story

Popular Science has a lovely article on Tim Kehoe and his 11-year quest to develop colored bubbles. It seems that the classic clear soap bubble, a perennial favorite toy for hundreds of years, has never been produced in color; trying to blow bubbles from colored soap yields clear bubbles with color running down the side and collecting at the bottom.

Kehoe succeeded in creating a beautifully colored bubble, but when it burst it stained everything in its path. Read the story to see how he overcame (with a little help) this "minor" setback to create the world's first colored soap bubbles.

Keep an eye out for these to break bigtime in the media when they come out. Zubbles probably won't be out for Christmas, but February or so these will be everywhere.


Thanks, again, to BoingBoing for the link.


Jodi B. said...

Wow! Ultra ultra cool! Thank you for posting this on your blog! I used to be a professional bubbler. Yep. I wore fairy wings & went by the name, "Sudsy."

PeaceLove said...

Thanks, Jodi. You might need to get back into business the moment these come out...