Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two Great French PSAs

Check out these two wonderful three-minute animated safe sex PSAs from France. They're directed by commercial and music video director Wilfred Brimo. The first, from 2005, is called Femme, and it's a young woman's life story and sexual history set to The Vibrators' 1976 classic Baby Baby. The second, the newly released Sugar Baby Love is the similar journey of a young gay man, set to The Rubettes' 1974 song of the same name.

Both shorts are raucous, sweet, sexy, and lushly romantic. A big shout out to Salon's Video Dog for the heads up. As they rightly point out, American safe sex PSAs tend toward the somber and anti-sexual, the "one mistake can kill you" message rather than a message like "sex can be a blast, it can be a bummer, it can accompany love -- just be safe about it."

It's just too bad they'll never find their way onto American TV screens.


Bonus: Love Game

Love Game is Brimo's eBoy-style video for the Shakedown song. Brimo gets a lot of resonance out of pixel art, with its linear motion and "love" meter; it's a moving lifecycle of romance.

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