Friday, November 03, 2006

Awesome Magic Clip - UPDATED!

UPDATE: Thanks to all the commentors, especially Rick Carruth, who identified the magician as Akira Fuji, a well-known (in Japan) close-up worker. Fuji has a video out called "Coins Akira's", which was translated into English by none other than the very clever Nathan Kranzo.

Via Rick Carruth's always-valuable Magic Roadshow, here's the most entertaining six minutes of close-up magic I've seen in a while. Even though I don't know more than two words of Japanese, I can tell that this non-Cyril is a seasoned pro. Lots of strong magic, too!

BTW, someone in the YouTube comments claims his name is Akira, and someone else claims to have met him at a magic convention in Sacramento. So now you know as much as I do. Can anyone out there help identify this talented young magician?


Dan said...

Yor're spot on there.

Excellent magic.

The Magic Utopian said...

Cheers to Rick Carruth for sharing this. Very good coin magic in this video, too.

PeaceLove said...

Agreed! I always read the Roadshow top to bottom and I almost inevitably get something valuable out of it.

Anonymous said...

This is Akira Fuji. He's very famous in Japan.

Rick Carruth said...

Seems he has a DVD titled COINS AKIRA'S which was translated into english by Kranzo.. I can't confirm it, as there's no photo's.