Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dice Stacking Video

Here's a fun video of a guy doing some pretty cool dice stacking. Dice stacking is sort of an allied art with magic. It's really a form of juggling but since it uses dice it also allies itself with gambling and magic.

At any rate, if you've never seen this stuff, enjoy!


Tom said...

Very Cool!

PeaceLove said...

Glad you like it! The stuff the guy does in this vid is all very basic, but dice stacking is high-yield and showy. It's actually not hard to learn; I used to play with it a lot back when I worked in the magic shop and had access to dice, dice cups, empty countertops, and time.

Andster said...

I've heard people talk about dice stacking before, but never seen it until now. Pretty spiffy. It seems like it would get repetative really quickly, but in small doses, it seems impressive.


jb said...

Del Ray found a way to make dice stacking both interesting (opportunity to win money) and magical (dice vanish). One of the best dice stacking acts I've seen although still a bit long for my taste.

PeaceLove said...

JB, you are right about Del Ray, who was a unique talent. His act aside, there are many ways to integrate dice stacking into other dice routines, with vanishes, color changes, and even gambling demonstrations (dice control).

The best thing about dice stacking, from a magician's point of view, is that it's relatively easy to learn. An hour with a dice cup and a good surface (with no glassware anywhere in the area) can get you to a reasonable level of proficiency. A week of serious practice and you can duplicate the act in the video. So it's a fun juggling-type specialized skill that any dice worker can integrate into an act as one intriguing part of a larger whole.