Sunday, June 05, 2005

Boing Boing

Sharp-eyed readers will note the addition of the legendary Boing Boing blog, "A Directory of Wonderful Things," to my blogroll at right. Boing Boing spun off from bOING bOING magazine (of course) and has been around since 2001. Co-founder Marc Frauenfelder was an editor at Wired; the other contributors inclued writer Cory Doctorow, and "tech culture journalist" Xeni Jardin.

Two good links I just found off Boing Boing:

1. Very funny modded Romance Novel covers. Titles include: The Cleavage of Mary Ann Pushup, Summer Heimlich, and a pic of a macho cowboy holding a rifle gracing the cover of Compensating for Something.

2. My old acquaintance Johnny Fox, Sword Swallower extraordinaire, has had to close The Freakatorium, his New York museum. Sad; I hope one day he finds an open-minded millionaire to sponsor a new location.

And don't forget to check out Boring Boring, "A Directory of Dull Things."

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