Saturday, June 04, 2005


Yikes! Almost another week without a post! Well, dammit, I've been busy!

Nothing really turned up this week that thrilled me enough to want to post about it, but a lot of little gems crop up all the time and here's a personal recommendation:

If you haven't checked out the Grow-a-Brain blog from my blogroll at right, do so now. This is consistently the most entertaining, informative, and often mind-boggling set of links I've found on the web. Real estate agent Hanan Levin's taste is excellent and broad; he covers a wide variety of subjects and always seems to locate informative, mind-altering, often poignant links. Updated daily.

Some Grow-a-Brain links I recommend: Mr. Twitcho, a raunchy but funny short animated film about life; a truly strange karaoke version of the Beatles' "Revolution #9"; New Scientist's list of Life's Top Ten Greatest Inventions; the only-in-San-Francisco International Clitoris Day; and the clever Ken Burns-like The Old Negro Space Program.


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