Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wow! Derren Brown Trips Out a Gamer!

English Mentalist and Hypnotist Derren Brown is one of the handful of geniuses working today. Though virtually unkown in the U.S., this talented performer has starred in numerous TV Specials and his own full-evening show. Brown has had a huge influence on a generation of magicians and psychic entertainers. His books Pure Effect and Absolute Magic are fantastic primers on how to make your performances more magical and memorable and should be on every magician's must-read list.

Just imagine you're in an arcade, playing a Zombie-shooting video game. You zone out for a moment, and when you next look around you're INSIDE the game! Here's an insane new Derren Brown clip that's bouncing around the web. In it, Brown purports to manipulate the lights on a video game to hypnotize a player...then leads the zoned-out player into a 3D simulation of the game and sets him loose!

And if you like this one, you can find more Derren Brown clips here.


Anonymous said...

is this a weekly blog?

PeaceLove said...

No, har har, it's a forum for snarky comments.