Thursday, May 12, 2005

Creating Passionate Users

I've been trying to get a link to this fantastic blog in my links bar at the right, but there's some kind of glitch in Blogger's software. I put the link in the Template, right below all the other links, Save the changes, and Preview, where it displays perfectly (along with a nifty site counter at the bottom of the page). But when I "Republish," the changes and additions don't show up! They're still in the Template, but they don't seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

UPDATE: The problem appears to be fixed, in that the Blog and the Site Counter now seem to appear on the site when I call it up from home. See the next post...

At any rate, this Creating Passionate Users blog is fantastic for anyone considering creating any kind of product or service. It's full of great advice like, ""Quit telling us how great you are, and start telling us how you plan to deliver something that helps the user become greater." But more importantly, there are intriguing discussions of the importance of design (and the difference between Americans and Asians), the necessity of incorporating emotion into any attempt to change, and on "Creating Playful Users."

Worth a look.

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