Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Why a Blog, PeaceLove?

Wow, it's two days since my last post. And here I sort of vowed to myself to try to post at least daily.

Well, I'm discovering a lot that's interesting about having this kind of blog. The first is that I consciously threw myself into this with the express purpose of *forcing* myself to work on it every day. You see, I'm sort of a Generalist, the kind of guy who knows a whole lot about everything, kind of feeds on information from out of the loop. But I've never actually *done* anything, never 100%. And I'm starting to work on changing that, to create useful, transformative *habits* which can actually change my life. And I've done it in a very public way, so if I fail, I fail in front of the world.

That's incentive!

And I've found that I only like to write about what I'm passionate about. I'm sure this is just as plain as daisies to most of you out there, but I guess I needed to start this process to learn that about myself. So if you read through my posts you are pretty much taking a tour of my passions, or at least some of them.

Can you tell which post I wasn't all that passionate about? It's the post about the secret memo. I needed filler -- there, I said it. I wanted to write about *something,* anything, to keep the discipline rolling, to excercise those muscles. I think it's an important story, but I'm not so sure it's as much of a Smoking Gun as the Left pretends. I have no way of knowing, but I *feel* that the folks running the government are neither as stupid nor as venal as the Left claims, in exactly the same way that the Left is neither as vapid nor as infantile as is claimed by the Right.

Also, I have a feeling that most of my readers were already familiar with the story (those who care), and I added nothing new or interesting. I became a mere information distribution link in the densely woven Sacred Geometry of the web -- an honorable place, to be sure, but one insufficient by the standards I have set for myself.

So I pledge, Dear Reader, to try to only post what I'm passionate about, which means trying to find something to be passionate about at least once a day, which sounds easy but really isn't. Among other things, I have a lot on my personal plate and it's hard finding the time and energy to put this much attention into the blog. Perhaps I'll blog more about my life, but only if there's something interesting I feel a passion to write about.

And I'm trying to balance the content here; most of the personal Blogs I currently read are magic blogs and many of my readers are magicians, but I'm aware that some of my guests here aren't magicians and have less than no interest in reading about this or that controversy in the magic world. So my posts on magic will tend towards the general interest, or they'll tilt so that non-magicians reading them can actually gain insight into what it *feels* like to be a magician, what are some of the issues surrounding creating Art using the medium of Magic.

(I wasn't very happy with my Erdnase post, either, for that matter. Classify that one as a "General Interest Only" post, although I *was* passionate. That prologue really made me smile and it really brought me right *in* to what makes Erdnase great. And -- bizarre coincidence! -- the very day after, literally the day after I posted that, I met a guy who's doing major research on Erdnase and is absolutely convinced he's found the right guy, that he know's who Erdnase really was. Very strange. A lot of culty interest around that book. Maybe I figured that posting that would somehow help me to understand Erdnase at a deeper level.)

So anyway, this blog is a very complex project, for me, serving many different purposes. I'm currenly considering a number of different off-web projects and this blog can help me make one happen when I decide I'm ready. Not "if," "when" I decide I will post something about it here and thus take the challenge into the public arena. Once I've gone public, I'll have no choice but to make it happen, not only for my own development but to avoid public humiliation and embarassment.

Again, talk about incentive!

So there you have it, one guide through my conscousness, one brief glimpse into the source and direction of my Musings. Thanks for reading.


COMING UP SOON: The personal blog that inspired this one, in some ways the most extraordinary blog I've found so far. and my tangled, conflicted, complex history with its protagonist.


Magician X said...

Just thought I'd give you some feedback and let you know that I've really been enjoying reading your blog so far.

PeaceLove said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to keep it interesting and real.