Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Marriage is Over

It looks like my beloved wife of almost eleven years has decided to call it quits on our marriage. I'm still in shock; this has all gone down in the last few weeks and it came as a total surprise to me that she wanted out. I thought we were both growing and healing from our wounded pasts, and I looked forward to entering a new phase in our relationship. This wasn't exactly the new phase I had in mind.

I've since found out there's a name for what happened: Walkaway Wife Syndrome.

We're going to try our best to make the split as gentle as possible, and try to remain on friendly terms. I'm very angry and hurt at the moment, but I expect it will pass. This is a new challenge for me; I was totally committed to the idea that we would grow old together and keep building our lives together. Oh well.

Sadly, I have several friends who are fellow students with her. Some of them were my friends before they were hers, but apparently they're now her buddies and I suspect I may never hear from any of them again. So that's even a double loss.

How the fuck are we going to tell my son?

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