Friday, May 13, 2005

Thank You

Holy F---ing S---! When I last checked my site, around 4:30 this afternoon, my invisible Site Counter had 6 visits reported, all from me (all me trying to get the goddam counter to show in the page!). Now it has become visible and it says 26! SOMEONE'S been visiting my site in the last eight and a half hours!

I know, I know, 20 hits in 8 and a half hours -- gosh, it's the new Drudge Report! But still, 20 hits means multiple people, probably all friends but still, multiple people, are reading my site. Checking back in to see what's new. Listening in on this conversation.

To that I say Thank You, thank you for visiting the site. I really appreciate knowing I have at least one Reader out there who's following this journey. Because it is a journey, for me. I really don't know where it's going; I only know where it's been.

I expect that in the days and weeks and months to come, I'll be occasionally pretentious, frequently silly, and maybe once in a while insightful (or maybe incite-ful?). But everything I put out there from now on will be part of my journey, in one way or another.


P.S. Feel free to leave Comments. They bounce right to my email, so you can enjoy the fact that you're participating in this public dialogue while simultaneusly letting me know privately that you're doing so.

That's the Sacred Geometry of the Web.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying reading your thoughts quite a lot. Interesting stuff.

PeaceLove said...